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It's about time..

I created this page about a year ago, with the intention of lightening the mental load that I had been carrying. I'd never been great at keeping a journal or writing in a diary and I had thought this was the "next best thing". Fast forward a year and I am still yet to write my first post, so I thought it"s about time I did.

I have never been great at expressing myself verbally or in person, I find that I am able to get my points, thoughts and feelings across when I can lay them out in front of me, putting the words and sentences together like carefully placed puzzle pieces. Which might I add, is the perfect way to describe my brain and thoughts - thousands upon thousands of puzzle pieces muddled up just waiting to be sought through.

My life is somewhat like a comedy (often times, a dark comedy), many twists, bumps and balls from left field. Embarrassing situations always somehow find their way to me and I get full enjoyment out of making my friends laugh while re-telling them.

I am currently going through a chapter in my life that would be titled "déjà vu" and in an attempt to avoid making the same mistakes a second time around, I've turned to this page.

This will hopefully be a place I can sort through everything, one piece at a time and I hope that whoever reads this has a giggle, a cry or finds that tiny bit of advice they've been searching for. I'd love to hear from people who have been through similar situations or even situations completely different and for this to become a place for everyone to share.

Keep your eyes peeled for the next post - I have to cut this one short due to baby Z screaming at me from another room!

Bye for now.

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